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Boxed Vintage OMAS Extra Fountain Pen & Pencil Set 555F (Serviced, Excellent)


Vintage OMAS Extra 555F Fountain Pen & Pencil Set 

Black Faceted Celluloid & Gold Trim

Made in Italy

18k Gold Nib - Fine (with some flex)

Piston Filled Fountain Pen & Propelling Pencil 



The faceted cap and barrel are rather striking, and the OMAS Extra is a classic vintage pen, dainty in size but oozing with Italian style and craftsmanship.

The 18k Gold Nib is fine flex nib, just what one wants from a vintage flex nib. 



The fountain pen and pencil are both in excellent condition. 



There are no major imperfections to note, no splits cracks or engravings.

The cap bands are a little loose and there are micro-scratches and some light marks present on the cap and barrel to both pen and pencil

The hard case shows signs of wear, including ink stains to the satin lining. 


Writing Style

The 18k nib offers a smooth writing experience, a springy, responsive nib putting a good amount of ink down in a fine line with plenty of flex. 


Fountain Pen Measurements

Capped: 115mm

Uncapped: 104mm

Posted: 141mm 

Section Diameter: 9mm

Barrel Diameter: 11mm


Pencil Measurements:

Length: 112mm


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