Boxed Parker Duofold Centennial Fountain Pen Blue Marble 14k Medium Italic Nib


Parker Duofold Centennial Black with Gold Trim Fountain Pen

Blue Marbled Resin with Gold Trim

Made in UK - Date Code E (1988)

Original 18k 750 Gold Nib - Medium Oblique (Left Hand) 

Modern Cartridge / Converter Filled Fountain Pen: (converter included) 



A first generation 'Centennial Edition' flat top Parker Duofold Centennial, in stunning blue marbled acrylic with 23k gold plating and trim.

These pens were created as special collectors pens, with the cap embled bearing the Parker Arrow & 'Centennial' '1888-1988' 

The nib is a right handed medium Italic, designed to suit the right hander to write in Italic. 

A superb example, boxed and complete in a modern Parker Duofold case. 



The fountain pen is in near mint condition 



There are no major imperfections. 

There are only micro-scratches present, visible under bright light but the pen is a superb example, near mint condition 


Writing Style 

A right hander's Italic nib which is a factory grind, super smooth with good ink flow. 

The line width is medium on the downstroke and fine on the horizontal.

The nib tipping is cut in such a way as to facilitate ease of writing for the right hander. 



Capped: 136mm

Un-capped: 129mm

Diameter: 12.5mm

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