Boxed Parker Duofold Jr. Streamline Fountain Pen & Pencil Set Moderne Tortoiseshell Pearl - Restored & Excellent


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Vintage Parker Duofold Junior Streamline Fountain Pen & Pencil Set

Moderne Black Tortoishell Pearl

Made in Canada circa 1929 - 36

14k Gold Parker Duofold Nib – FINE

Button Filled Fountain Pen: restored and ready to write

Propelling Pencil: restored and ready to write 



 A rare and beautiful Parker Duofold Junior Streamline set from the 1930's. The fountain pen carries a firm Fine nib and has been fully restored in house. The propelling pencil writes with a 1.1mm (thick) lead and also comes ready to write. A superb set from the 1930's in remarkable condition  



The fountain pen and pencil are both in excellent condition.



The pen has been taken apart, cleaned, polished and fitted with a new ink sac

The pencil has been checked over and fitted with a 1.1mm lead 



There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings

The fountain pen shows minor signs of wear, some light micro-scratches and brassing to the trim, but otherwise excellent. The pencil has some age related wear around the grip section, and similar signs of minor surface wear, but both are overall excellent clean examples. 


Writing Style

The 14k Gold Nib writes a firm Fine line, on the dry side. 

Please take a look at the writing sample in the photo gallery for a closeup 


The pencil writes a thick (1.1mm) broad line 


Finishing Comments

A lovely vintage pen set, the hard case is not the original, but nonetheless provides a nice home for the pair. The set comes Grand Vision Guaranteed, and should last for another 90+ years if well looked after! 



Fountain Pen Measurements:

Length Capped: 114mm

Length Uncapped: 107mm
Length Posted: (not recommended)


Barrel Diameter: 10mm

Weight: 9g


Pencil Measurements:

Length Overall: 120mm 

Diameter: 8mm