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Boxed Vintage Eversharp Symphony 707 Luxury Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pencil Set


Boxed Vintage Eversharp Symphony 707 Luxury Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pencil Set 

Burgundy with Barley Corn Gold Plated Bullet Caps 

Made in England circa 1948

18k Gold Eversharp Nib - FINE 

Lever Filled Fountain Pen: serviced and ready to write



The set is in complete and excellent condition. The set has clearly had only light use in over 70 years, the fountain pen still bears its point of sale sticker stating 'MEDIUM'. Though the nib actually performs rather finer than medium (see writing samples) 


The fountain pen has been cleaned, polished and fitted with a new inc sac

The pencil has its original lead and the ballpoint has its own refill though requires a replacement


There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings

There are the slightest of light scratches to the cap and barrels, and light brassing to the clip usual on vintage pens. 


Fountain Pen Writing Style

The 18k Gold Nib has been tuned and writes beautifully (see writing samples)


Finishing Comments

An uncommon set from Everhsarp, introduced after the second world war in an attempt to re-capture the success of the Eversharp Skyline, the Symphony was built to a high standard, sporting another timeless design, lovely 14k Nibs and smooth lever fill system complete with breather tube and feed similar to those on the Skyline. 

This particular set is the 'Luxury' 707, due to its gold plated bullet caps and 18k nib


Fountain Pen Measurements:

Capped - 138mm

Diameter – 11mm

Weight - 15 grams