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Boxed Waterman Edson Fountain Pen Sapphire Blue 18k Gold Medium Nib (Near Mint)


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Waterman Edson Fountain Pen

Sapphire Blue Resin with Gold Plated Cap

Made in France - c2000's

18K Gold Inlaid Waterman Nib - Medium (Super Smooth) 

Modern Waterman Cartridges / Ink Converter Compatible: (Blue Waterman Edson Converter Included, along with Blue & Black Cartridges) 



Waterman's most celebrated modern design, a stunning high end pen which smacks of class and sophistication. 

It has a lovely girthy feel, weighty but well balanced, and it looks so very sleek, despite being a truly "oversized" pen at 151mm.



The fountain pen is in near mint condition  



There are no major imperfections to note. No cracks or engravings 

There is only the lightest signs of use on this pen

Waterman Edson's are housed in suede lined boxes, which unfortunately have a tendency (in almost every example we have seen) to deteriorate peel off. Please see the last photo in the gallery. The suede flakes can be sticky and quite frankly irritating. 

Our office Edson's are now housed in Waterman hard cases! But we offer this pen in its original box for the sake of assuring good provenance. All else in superb condition, almost as new 


Writing Style

The inlaid 18k gold Waterman nib, is a delight to write with, a super smooth medium, nice ink flow, a superb writing experience. 


Finishing Comments

Please note we also have the Waterman Edson in a Fine Nib also in stock and the limited Edition Waterman Edson Boucheron Fountain Pen in a medium. 

The matching ballpoint pen is available here




Capped: 151mm 

Uncapped: 132mm 

Width: 14mm

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