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Boxed Vintage SWAN 'Shorthand' Self Filler Fountain Pen by Mabie Todd No.3150 14k Gold Semi Flex Nib (Serviced, Near Mint)


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Vintage SWAN 'Shorthand' Self Filler Fountain Pen by Mabie Todd No.3150

Burgundy with Gold Trim

Made in England circa 1940’s

14k Gold SWAN '1' Nib – SEMI FLEX

Lever Filled Fountain Pen: serviced and ready to write



It is increasingly hard to find 'New Old Stock' fountain pens over 60 years old, this is a lovely example of a Burgundy 'Shorthand' pen, complete with box and instructions, unused and preserved as if in a time capsule. 

 'Shorthand' nibs were designed to be written with at fast pace with springyness and flex to accentuate abbreviations. 


The fountain pen is in near mint condition



The pen has been taken apart, cleaned, polished and fitted with a new inc sac



There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings

The pen only shows only light signs of storage, some light scratches but it evidently has seen only very light use, as it bears its original point of sale 'shorthand' tag 


Writing Style

Please take a look at the writing sample in the photo gallery for a closeup. The nib is a very nice semi flex - fine to broad - everything one could wish for writing shorthand, responsive flexy and smooth 



Capped: 124mm

Uncapped: 112mm
Posted: 149mm

Diameter: 9mm