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Boxed Vintage Parker 61 Custom Fountain Pen, Ballpoint & Pencil Set (Un-inked Near Mint Condition)


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Vintage Parker 61 Custom Fountain Pen, Ballpoint & Pencil Set

Grey with Rolled Gold Caps 

Made in UK circa 1960's

14k Gold Parker Nib - Medium 

Capillary Filled Fountain Pen: never inked 



A stunning Parker 61 set! Lovely rare colour accented with cabochon jewels 


The set is in near mint condition. The fountain pen still bears its original chalk marks and has never been inked. The ballpoint pen and pencil have only had light use. The hard case is in very good condition, some ink marks to the satin lining, but it shuts firmly and is aesthetically very nice. 


There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings. The only imperfections are light tiny scratches to the caps and barrels, we are talking very small here. As the photos show the set is in superb condition 

Finishing Comments

It is rare to find a set which still bears its original chalk marks, and rarer to find a Capillary filled fountain pen which has never been inked. At a glance the tell tale indication is that the red of the inner gauze is still visible. 

A note on Capillary filler's: for those not accustomed to capillary filler's, they are very simple to fill, but counterintuitively you fill the pen upside down by dipping the cappillary tube into the ink, rather than the nib. Holding the pen upside down until the tube is saturated. For further guidance please feel free to contact us via our live chat. 

The pencil has a new 0.9mm lead, the ballpoint pen a new refill. 



Fountain Pen

Capped: 132mm
Uncapped: 123mm

Diameter – 11mm

Ballpoint Pen 

Length: 132mm 


Length 127mm