Vintage Waterman C/F Gold ' Barleycorn' Fountain Pen 18k Gold ITALIC Nib (Serviced, Very Good)


Vintage Waterman C/F Fountain Pen 

Gold Barleycorn Pattern

Made in France circa 1970’s

18k Gold Inlaid Nib - ITALIC

Aerometric Filled Fountain Pen: (converter included) 



 A stunning example of the timeless Waterman C/F, in very good order. The thin and delicate gold bands which run along the grip section are intact and untarnished, the barleycorn finish is also in excellent condition. We have sourced a New Old Stock ink converter so you don't have to go to the trouble! (They're no longer widely available). 



The fountain pen is in overall excellent condition.



The pen has been taken apart, cleaned, polished and fitted with a compatible converter 



There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings

It shows some light signs of wear around the grip section, the clip and trim also show some wear and are not pristine, but overall an excellent example 


Writing Style

The 18k Gold Nib is a delight to write with offering lovely line variation. The grind is Italic, with nicely rounded edges, it is closer to a stub nib in this respect. 

Please take a look at the writing sample in the photo gallery (please note the nib is closer to an ITALIC rather than a Stub, the writing sample is incorrect) 



Capped – 135mm
Diameter – 10mm