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Conway Stewart was started in the UK in 1905 by Frank Jarvis and Thomas Howard Garner, in a small first floor office in Paternoster Row London. They initially sold pens made up of parts that they bought in from other manufacturers.

During The 'Golden Years' between the 1920’s and 1940’s Conway Stewart enjoyed a lofty reputation as the premium British brand and produced some of their best designs during this period. The long lasting 14 carat gold Duro nibs are an integral part of their success along with their beautiful colour schemes and finishes. Conway Stewart continued to make high quality pens in the 1950’s, but with the advent of the ballpoint pen in the 60’s and a shift towards making budget pens meant the company fell on hard times.

The Conway Stewart brand has was resurrected by Don Yendle in 1994, and the company then introduced designs (Churchill series, 58, Dinkie) in acrylic, solid silver, and solid gold. The first solid gold pens were made for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip on the celebration of their golden wedding anniversary 20 November 1997.