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Gioia Pens are Neapolitan producers of luxury hand-turned fountain pens

Gioia was founded in 2014 by ​​Fabio Cervasio in collaboration with Italian master craftsmen with over twenty years of experience in pen production. Gioia initially took commissions for well-known Italian and international brands designing and producing wonderful writing instruments. 

Since 2020, Gioia Pens Italia created their own line up which quickly grew to other models of fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoint pens each with exceptional quality and Neapolitan flare. 

Gioia pens are hand turned from full bars of resin produced in Italy and fitted with engraved Jowo nibs available in a range of options: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1 Stub & 1.5 Stub Nibs

The name Gioia means 'Joy' in Italian, and is pronounced 'Joya!'