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Sheaffer has been a worldwide lynchpin in the fine-writing industry since Walter A.Sheaffer began way back in 1913. Starting as a back-room business with only seven employees, the company has grown throughout the years into a top designer and manufacturer of writing instruments and creative tools.

During the golden years of fountain pen production Sheaffer released a string of hugely successful writing instruments, including the Lifetime Flat Tops and the Balance series. Sheaffer are probably best known for their later models, the Imperial with its innovative touchdown filling system, the Snorkel and the prestigious PFM (Pen for Men).

Sheaffer also developed new variations on nib design (the Triumph and the Inlaid nibs) and their work on filling systems is legendary.

Now part of the Bic group, Sheaffer continue to provide high end, top quality writing instruments.