About Us

Our Grand Vision 
To offer a comprehensive range of fine writing instruments: serviced and restored to the highest standards and delivered via expedited shipping. We aim to provide first class customer care and support to all our customers to ensure complete and lasting satisfaction in all aspects of our service. 

 Our Pens 
We service and restore high quality second hand pens, from affordable every day writers, to high-end luxury pens; ranging from early vintage fountain pens from the 1890's to modern limited editions. We release new stock every week, check out our ‘new arrivals’ for our latest releases, our ‘limited editions’ for that special grail pen, or browse by nib type – we cater for all tastes! 


Our services

We service and restore the vast majority of our modern and vintage pens in house, from nib tuning and standard servicing, to re-conditioning and full scale restorations. We pay particular attention to the beauty of our pens and the quality and performance of our nibs so that our pens provide immediate and long lasting writing pleasure. All our writing instruments are sold as ‘Grand Vision Guaranteed’, our trademark assurance of lasting quality.