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Boxed Namiki Yukari Royale Vermillon Fountain Pen 18k Medium Nib


Name: Namiki Yukari Royale Vermillon Fountain Pen

Type: Fountain Pen

Maker: Namiki, Japan

Colour: Red Lacquer with Gold Trim 

Material: Urushi Lacquer 

Nib: 18k Gold Namiki Nib - Medium

Filling System: Namiki ink converter installed 


A barely used Namiki Yukari Royale, cousin of the Namiki Emperor, a stunning fountain pen in handcrafted Japanese Urushi lacquer, presented in a full satin lined softwood box, including papers and a bottle of Namiki ink. 

The streamlined and subtle torpedo shape makes this a full sized but very well balanced pen, it is no doubt an 'oversized' pen, but not such a giant as the Namiki Emperor, suiting most hands very well and oozing with simple sophistication.


Urushi Lacquer

The red in this pen is deep and rich, reminiscent of the dye that was used to colour the fabrics of Japanese royalty. This vermilion evokes a quiet passion, ancient and simple.

Urushi, the red material that forms the surface of this pen, is made from the sap from the Japanese lacquer tree. The process of collecting the urushi (sap) refining it, compounding it with powdered pigment and applying many successive layers of lacquer to this fountain pen takes three months or longer to complete.

This technique, though painstaking, gives this fountain pen its deep lustrous sheen and has been used by Namiki craftsmen since 1918.



The pen is in near mint condition 


The pen has been taken apart, cleaned and checked over

All our pens come Grand Vision Guaranteed: guaranteed to write beautifully out of the box and to provide long lasting writing service.


There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings

The pen has only light sings of wear from handling micro-scratches present, otherwise it is a perfect example.

Writing Style & Nib Appraisal

The nib is a soft medium, smooth and responsive.

Japanese nibs tend to be a fraction finer than their western counterparts, and this nib would perhaps be better described as a medium fine. 


Recommended for calligraphy, greeting cards, signatures, journaling, and all forms of appropriate use. 

After Care:

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