Boxed Waterman Edson Sapphire Blue Ballpoint Pen (Near Mint )


Waterman Edson Ballpoint Pen

Sapphire Blue Resin with Gold Plated Cap

Twist Actuated Ballpoint Pen

Boxed: Full presentation box, inner box, booklet, guarantee card and replacement refill.  



Waterman's most celebrated modern design, the Waterman Edson is comprised of a combination of smart technical engineering and beautiful execution.

The translucent blue resin is double layered and holds a luminous quality to it, the cap actuated mechanism is smooth and silent, and Waterman claim the clip will retains its spring indefinitely. 

The pen was discontinued a few years ago and they will become increasingly difficult to find in condition such as this. 

We have here a near mint condition example, complete with all boxes, guarantee card, instructions and refill. 



The ballpoint pen is in near mint condition



There are no major imperfections to note: No chips cracks or engravings or any signs of faults or major surface wear. 

There is only the lightest signs of use on this pen. Light surface wear and hints of the pen having been inked around the nib, but otherwise a near perfect example. 

Waterman Edson's are housed in suede lined boxes, which unfortunately have a tendency (in almost every example we have seen) to deteriorate peel off. Please see the last photo in the gallery. The suede flakes can be sticky and quite frankly irritating. 

Our office Edson's are now housed in Waterman hard cases! But we offer this pen in its original box for the sake of assuring good provenance. All else in superb condition, almost as new 


Writing Style

Extremely smooth ballpoint pen

Currently fitted with its original Waterman Medium Blue Refill  

The pen comes with a standard international Waterman's black refill 


Finishing Comments

Please note we also have the matching Waterman Edson Fountain Pen (Fine Nib) in stock and the limited Edition Waterman Edson Boucheron Fountain Pen. 


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