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Montblanc Meisterstück 147 Traveller Fountain Pen & Leather Case (Serviced, Excellent)


Montblanc Meisterstück 147 Traveller Fountain Pen & Case

Original Montblanc Premium Leather Travelling Case

Mystery Black with Gold Trim

Made in Germany 

14k Gold Mont Blanc 585 Nib – Medium

Montblanc Cartridge Filled Fountain Pen



The Montblanc 147 is a traveller's companion - whether its a daily commute or a short city break this leather cased pen is an ideal companion - a refined piece of everyday carry the same size as a 146 Le Grand, it carries gravitas too. 

The premium Montblanc case houses the pen safely in an elasticated sleeve, keeping it free from knocks and damage, tucked away there are 6 elasticated slots for your Mont Blanc refills - meaning your pen will guarantee to remain full for miles and miles of writing. 

The cartridge tray accepts to modern Mont Blanc cartridges at a time. We will include a pack of Mont Blanc Oyster grey cartridges as well as Mont Blanc blues and backs to get you started.  



The fountain pen is in excellent condition.

The case is in good condition 



The pen has been fully checked over, cleaned, polished and dip tested. It works perfectly, and is in superb condition 



There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings

The only minor imperfections are light surface wear and microscratches present

The case shows signs of use, particularly where the flap has been opened there appear to be fingernail scratches to the leather. It is otherwise in very good shape, the seams, stitching and leather show little wear. 


Writing Style

The 14k Gold Nib is a super smooth medium.

As you can see from the photos the tipping to the nib is slightly 'upturned' a technical term meaning the factory grind has given a slight slant to the nib's tip. 

It is an absolute pleasure to write with 



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