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Parker Duofold Centennial MK II Fountain Pen Marbled Jade 14k "Heavy" Italic Nib (Near Mint)


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Parker Duofold Centennial MK II Fountain Pen

Marbled Jade Green with Gold Trim

Made in UK - c1997 (Date Code IP) 

Original 14k 750 Gold Nib - "Heavy" Italic (98) 

Modern Cartridge / Converter Filled Fountain Pen: (converter included)



An early version of the Parker Duofold Centennial in the rare and sought after marbled jade green.

A rather unique specimen, carrying its original 14k Gold Parker 'Scroll Banner' nib and its feed, marked '98' indicates it to be a heavy Italic, designed specifically for Italic handwriting. 

The nib tipping is charatcterized by its distinctive cut, which favours writing at a 45 degree angle and has been described by as a "heavy Italic" - more details below.

A rather special pen, one for the calligrapher's and or lover's of Italic! 



The fountain pen is in near mint condition 



There are tiny micro-scratches present, but the pen is a superb example, close to perfect as the photos indicate, this pen is in near mint condition. 


Writing Style

The nib is a special factory grind issued by Parker, the feed is inscribed "98" which denotes the nib is a 'heavy Italic'. We are confident the nib and feed are original as the pen does indeed perform as an Italic nib should

"Heavy" does not mean broad in this case, rather it describes the cut of the tipping which encourages the writer to apply the nib at 45 degrees, and adopt an Italic script. 

The nib offers a medium line on the down-stroke and a fine / extra fine on the horizontal. 

Recommended for writer's accustomed to the Italic script or those willing to give it a go - it's great fun, a lovely nib. 



Capped: 132mm

Un-capped: 124mm

Diameter: 11mm

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