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Platinum #3776 Urushi Raden Galaxy Starlight Fountain Pen - 18k Cursive Italic Nib


Name: Platinum #3776 Urushi Raden Galaxy Starlight Fountain Pen

Type: Fountain Pen

Maker: Platinum, Japan

Colour:  Raden Galaxy Starlight

Material: Urushi Lacquer with Gold Trim

Nib: Platinum 18k Medium Cursive Italic Nib Customization (The Nib Smith)

Filling System: Platinum Converter Installed


The Platinum 3776 is a much respected model from the Japanese masters of precision, here given an astonishing Urushi lacquer finish which is truly galactic to behold!

It is named the Urushi Raden Galaxy starlight and as soon as you pick this pen up you will marvel at the intricate layers of starlight which have been set into the lacquer, giving this pen a mesmerising effect when turned in the hand. 

The nib has been customized by Dan Smith (aka the Nib Smith), and is a medium cursive Italic, which writes beautifully and forgivingly 

This particular model has only been dip tested and is in mint condition, complete with box, sleeve and papers. 


The fountain pen is in mint condition 


The pen's nib has been customized by Dan Smith, Aka the Nib Smith. 

All our pens come Grand Vision Guaranteed: guaranteed to write beautifully out of the box and to provide long lasting writing service.


There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings

The pen has only light sings of wear, micro-scratches present, otherwise perfect. 

Writing Style & Nib Appraisal

The nib is a medium cursive Italic, smooth and responsive.

Cursive Italic nibs are very similar to stub nibs, in the line it will deliver - the narrowest portions of an "O" will be at the same 12:00 and 6:00 -except that the line variation will be a little sharper and crisper, because the edges and corners of an italic are sharper, less rounded. It is still a very good tip for everyday writing, note taking and journal entries although it is not as sharp as a formal italic. Cursive italics do have a small and linear "footprint" or contact area and can be somewhat position-sensitive, especially for people new to customized tips.


Recommended for everyday use, calligraphy, greeting cards, signatures, journaling, and all forms of appropriate use. 

Why not pair with a bottle of J Herbin ink? A bright shimmer ink would suit this pen very well! 

After Care:

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