Rare Boxed Antique Gold Swan Fountain Pen & Pencil Set by Mabie Todd (Serviced, Near Mint!)


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Gold Swan Fountain Pen & Pencil Set by Mabie Todd & Co. Ltd

Gold Plated Pinstripe Patterning 

Made in New York, USA circa 1920’s

14k Gold Swan Nib (2) - SEMI-FLEX 

Lever Filled Fountain Pen: restored and ready to write



The fountain pen and pencil are in overall excellent, near mint condition



Both pen and pencil has been cosmetically polished and restored, meaning the cap and barrel shine with a lovely sheen and the gold trim and nib are in superb condition. 


The fountain pen's nib has been tuned and writes beautifully with a good degree of flex and line variation (see writing samples, its a lovely example of as vintage flex nib). A new inc sac has been installed and the pen is ready to write.


The pencil still contains its original leads and propels smoothly as expected.  



There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings.


The slightest of light scratches to the cap and barrel, and tiny light spots of brassing are present, particularly around thetip of the pencil cap where there is also a small blemish. But really the set is close to mint condition. 


The box shows its and its outer cover is a little tatty, but it closes as it should and protects the lovely pair well. 


Writing Style

The 14k Gold Nib has been tuned and writes beautifully, offering flex from a fine to a medium / medium broad. Superb writer, everything one might expect from a Swan No.2 Nib. The fountain pen is intentionally small, being a vest pocket pen, but it offers the writer the possibility of 'posting' the cap, and in so doing the pen becomes full sized and sits in the hand very nicely. 


Finishing Comments

A lovely vintage pen set, rather rather now to find such a pair, together boxed and in such great condition. The 


Fountain Pen Measurements:

Capped - 103mm
Posted - 140mm

Diameter – 10mm

Weight - 14 grams 

Pencil Measurements:

Capped - 100mm

Diameter – 8mm