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Rare Boxed Vintage Parker Lady Duofold Mandarin Yellow Fountain Pen & Pencil Set (Serviced, Very Good)


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Boxed Vintage Parker Lady Duofold Mandarin Yellow Fountain Pen & Pencil Set

Mandarin Yellow with Triple Gold Cap Bands  

Made in USA circa 1920’s

14k Gold Parker Nib – MEDIUM

Button Filled Fountain Pen: serviced and ready to write



A extremely rare to find Parker Duofold set in mandarin yellow, boxed in its original hard case, very well preserved as if in a time capsule.  

George S. Parker took inspiration from a Chinese Cloisonné vase he spotted in bold mandarin yellow, and in 1927 a new colour was added to the Duofold line:  "Mandarin Yellow", a much sought after colour amongst collectors and those infatuated with the boldness and beauty 



The fountain pen and pencil are in very good condition



The pen has been taken very carefully apart, cleaned, polished and fitted with a new inc sac. The brass button has been buffed to remove tarnishing and the pressure bar checked over. 

The ink sac has not been not glued with shellac, should a collector wish to preserve the pen as it is, the inc sac can be easily removed. 



There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings. These pens are particularly brittle and delicate care is required when handling them 

There are a few imperfections to note, the lining to the hard case is frayed and coming away, it shows its vintage in short (see photos). 

The fountain pen has light scratches in places, the imprint is faded at the rear, but otherwise bold and clearly legible. There are faint marks in places and a very small indent above the cap bands. 

The pencil also has light marks in places and a touch of brassing

Though these imperfections are present, they are being highlighted here for critical appraisal, we maintain the set is in very good condition as the photo gallery aptly demonstrates.


Writing Style

The 14k Gold Nib writes a smooth medium

The propelling pencil does not contain lead


Finishing Comments


A soon to be antique set, very well preseved, eye catching in its beauty a set to be treasured by collectors and writers alike, this is a stunning piece of writing history


Fountain Pen Measurements:

Capped: 115mm
Posted: (We recommend never to post the cap of this pen) 

Diameter: 10.5mm


Pencil Measurements:

Length: 120mm

Diameter: 8mm