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Sheaffer Levenger Connaisseur Aegean Green Demonstrator Fountain Pen 18k Fine Nib (Excellent)


Sheaffer Connaisseur Classic Fountain Pen

Levenger "Sea Pens": Model 831

Aegean Green with 23ct Electroplated Gold Clip 

Made in USA - c1980's

Original 18k 750 Gold Nib - FINE

Aerometric Filled Fountain Pen: (original converter included)



A lovely neo vintage pen from Sheaffer, produced in collaboration with Levenger, whom released a range of transparent "Sea Pens", in tribute to some of our planets great seas. 

The transparent green was named Aegean Green and is a lovely transparent green demonstrator. 

The pen comes fitted with its original aerometric ink converter (squeeze to fill) 



The fountain pen is in excellent condition 



There are no cracks engravings or major imperfections 

There are micro-scratches and one tiny chip on the very top of the cap, but the pen is a superb example, very clean. 


Writing Style 

The nib is a lovely soft fine, which although one would be pushed to call it a flex nib, it offers plenty of springiness - a delightful writer. 



Capped: 140mm

Un-capped: 127mm

Diameter: 11mm

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