Vintage German Piston Filled Fountain Pen Stealth Black Fine Nib (New, Old Stock)


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Vintage German Piston Filled Fountain Pen (Unbranded)

Clipless 'Bullet' Shape in Stealthy Black / Transparent Ink Window

Made in Germany circa 1960’s

Steel Nib - "Dauerfeder 4" - Fine 

Piston Filled Fountain Pen - Un-inked 



 A lovely simple fountain pen from the 1960's, likely to have been a school issue pen for German schoolchildren. We have a number of New Old Stock pens, which make very good everyday writers. 



The fountain pen is in overall near mint condition - never inked.

The pen might show some light marks from storage, but is otherwise in mint condition. 


Writing Style

A steel No.4 nib, which writes a fine line and is a touch springy, very pleasant.

Occasionally the factory grinds are a little rough and require tuning, but overall very nice writers.  


Finishing Comments

This is not a high end pen, but is nonetheless lovely to look at, and has a nice fine nib, a great option for lovers of piston fillers, easy to clean (the feed is friction fit) and it has a timeless design. 

Please note the wax seals will need to be primed before inking the pen. Fill the pen with warm water first and leave it for 10 minutes to soak before emptying and filling with your ink of choice. 



Capped – 132mm
Posted – 148mm

Diameter – 11mm