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Vintage Parker 65 Classic Fountain Pen India Black 14k Gold X Fine Nib (Serviced, Very Good)


Vintage Parker 65 Classic Fountain Pen

India Black with Jewelled Lustraloy Cap & Jewelled Tassie

Made in UK circa 1960’s

14k Gold Parker Inlaid Nib - X FINE

Modern Cartridge / Converter Filled Fountain Pen: (converter included) 



A lovely Parker 65, in very good condition, it has been fully serviced and a new Parker ink converter has been installed. 



The fountain pen is in overall very good condition.



The pen has been taken apart, cleaned, polished and nib tuned



There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings

It shows the usual signs of wear and use for a pen of its age, some scratches on the barrel, section and cap, but otherwise very good. 


Writing Style

The 14k Gold Nib has been tuned and writes beautifully smooth - a fine to extra fine uncommon on these pens and a real joy to write with 

Please take a look at the writing sample in the photo gallery for a closeup 



Capped – 135mm
Diameter – 11mm