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Vintage Parker 75 Ciselle Sterling Silver Fountain Pen 14k Gold Medium Nib


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Name: Parker 75 Ciselle Sterling Silver Fountain Pen 

Type: Fountain Pen

Maker: Parker, 1970's 

Colour: Sterling Silver Cross Hatch 

Material: Sterling Silver with Gold Trim 

Nib: 14k Parker Nib - Medium 

Filling System: Modern Parker Cartridges / Converter 

Length: 128mm (full measurements below)

Overview (excerpt from 

The Parker "75" was designed by Kenneth Parker (son of the founder George Parker) or converter) from the Parker "45". He borrowed the grid pattern from his cigarette case, made by a London silversmith. To make the pen in solid gold would have been too expensive so Parker decided on sterling (a very pure) silver. During manufacturing the pens were made in smooth silver into which was later cut lines and a type of stain was added in the cracks to highlighten the rectangular plates. This made the grid-patterned silver pen only to grow more beautiful with time. The gold clip and trim together with the 14 carat gold nib wrapped up the design. When the new pen, called Sterling Cicelé hit the market in 1964 (the pen was finished in 1963, though, Parker's 75:th anniversary) it cost $25, which was extremely high for a pen aimed at the "broader" public. Again proving that if you have a quality product with an interesting design, people are willing to pay high prices for it. 

This particular example is in very good condition, it comes serviced and ready to write. 



The fountain pen is in very good condition.


The pen has been fully restored, taken apart, cleaned and polished 

All our pens come Grand Vision Guaranteed: guaranteed to write beautifully out of the box and to provide long lasting writing service.


There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings

The pen has only the lightest signs of use, some evidence of minor tarnishing, but really a superb clean example. 

Writing Style & Nib Appraisal

The nib has been tuned to ensure smooth writing experience. It is a lovely smooth writer. Perfect for everyday use 


Recommended for every day use, as a travelling pen, greeting cards, signatures, journalling you name it. 

After Care:

We deeply value our loyal customers and are proud to offer first class customer service.

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Length Capped: 129mm

Length Uncapped: 119mm

Length Posted: 145mm

Section Diameter: 9mm

Barrel Diameter: 10mm

Cap Diameter: 11mm

Weight: 35g

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