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Vintage Parker Super 21 Aerometric Fountain Pen Burgundy & Lustraloy - Fine Nib (Good Condition)


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Vintage Parker Super 21 Fountain Pen

Burgundy Red with Lustraloy Cap

Made in UK circa 1960’s

Hooded Steel Parker Nib - Fine

Aerometric Filled Fountain Pen: cleaned and ready to write



The fountain pen is in overall good condition.


The cap has been cosmetically polished and the aerometric sac flushed of ink. 


There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks engravings etc. There is faint ink staining to the nib's hood (see photos) and the pen has light scratches throughout. But overall good condition 


Writing Style

The steel nib writes beautifully 


Finishing Comments

A lovely vintage pen from Parker, often referred to as a cheaper Parker 51, but these pens have earned their place as trusted every day writers favoured by many collectors as their trusted companion.