Vintage SWAN Calligraph by Mabie Todd & Co. Ltd 14k Gold Fine Semi Flex Nib


Vintage SWAN Calligraph by Mabie Todd & Co. Ltd

Black with Gold Trim

Made in England c1950s

14k Gold Swan '2' Calligraph Nib - Fine Semi Flex Nib 

Leverless Fountain Pen: (twist to fill) serviced and ready to write



The SWAN Calligraph was produced in a range of colours and nib options by Mabie Todd in the early 1950s. The entry level pens were bought  as school pens and everyday writers, this was the era of the leverless twist to fill and Mabie Todd were still producing some very good pens. 

The nibs on these pens are the potential treasures - some offer generous flex and you'll find in our collection, Italics, Obliques, Semi Flex and more... 

Here we have a superb nib, this really is an example of how vintage 14k nibs can perform beautifully. A fine semi flex with a hint of feedback (not scratchy) a real joy to write with. Line variation from a fine to a broad. 



The fountain pen is in excellent condition.



The pen has been taken apart, cleaned, polished and fitted with a new ink sac. 



There are no major imperfections to note, no chips cracks or engravings

The pen shows minor surface wear (microscratches) but is otherwise in excellent condition, a very clean example. 


Writing Style

The 14k Gold Nib is the signature Calligraph nib, with heart shaped breather hold and large wrap around 'C' for Calligraph.

The nib is a fine semi flex, which flexes from a fine to a broad.

There is a touch of feedback from the nib, not so much as to unpleasant,certainly not scratchy, just enough to give you a hint

Please take a look at the writing samples in the photo gallery for a closeup 



Capped: 126mm

Uncapped: 115mm

Posted: 148mm

Section Diameter: 9mm

Barrel Diameter: 10mm


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